Simms Freestone Boot In Felt: Wading Boot Review

My new Simms Freestone Boots - with Felt!

I recently got a pair of new wading boots.  I went with the Simms Freestone Boot.  I have really tried to stay on the rubber soled wading boot bandwagon for the last few years.  I have struggled.  The fight against invasive species that threaten our waters is very real.  So is my injury from slipping while wading downstream  (fly fishing has its hazards).  Simms has recently reintroduced felt soles in several models of their wading Read More

Fly Reel Review: Lamson Litespeed Hard Alox Reel


Product Review: Lamson Litespeed Hard Alox Reel Made By:  Waterworks-Lamson   I was looking for the perfect reel to put onto my new 5 weight Sage ZXL rod.  I knew I wanted a durable, large arbor reel.  I didn’t want a budget reel, but I didn’t want it to cost an arm an a leg either.  Finally, I wanted to keep it light.  I narrowed down my list to a couple of reels and opted Read More

The Copper John Fly


The Copper John fly is a brilliant searching pattern that is still pretty new to the fly fishing world.  John Barr invented this nymph a little over a decade ago and because of how productive it is you can’t go into a fly shop anywhere in this country and not find one.  If you are looking for another nymph that catches trout, the Copper John fly is another must have.

Fly Fishing Knots: Knots Used in Fly Fishing


If you are going fly fishing, you better learn some fly fishing knots.  Fly fishing requires more knots than most other forms of fishing where, generally, if you can tie your line to the hook you are golden.   In fly fishing, you need to connect your backing to the reel, then you need to connect the fly line to the backing, then the leader to the fly line,  then the tippet to the leader, Read More

Basic Fly Casting


Basic Fly Casting: Keep this in mind; most trout taken on a fly rod are hooked within 25 feet of the fisherman.  It is a lot easier to cast short distances like this for the beginner, so, don’t be intimidated by what is overemphasized as being the most important aspect to fly fishing – fly casting.  Later I’ll talk a little bit about different casting problems and the skills needed to improve all around casting. Read More

Fly Fishing Rods


The Basics   * Fly Fishing Rods are quite possibly the most important purchase when you start looking for your own fly fishing gear.  If you’ve been in a fly shop or browsed online for fly rods, you know the sheer number of options can be mind numbing.  You will have also noticed that the prices for these rods vary from around $50 to over $3,000 for some hand crafted bamboo fly rods.